I LOVE everything about fall. The colors, the coziness, the promise of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I drink it all in and just like the pumpkin spice lattes that I eagerly count down the days to… and its still better than I remember it.

proof that Tennessee does get a few precious leaf "gems"

proof that Tennessee residents do get a few precious fall “gems” every year 🙂

Lighting our fire for the first time is becoming almost as much of an event in my mind as setting up the Christmas tree. It signals that it is really, truly, finally getting cold outside. Praise the Lord for warm fires and sleeping kitties.

And when this weather finally hits? Well, I kind of go a bit nuts with the baking and decorating and general fall merriment.

on the far right: muffin cups made from squares of parchment paper… I like how they turned out

Trevor suggested that I might be going to far as I cheerily picked out my spotify Christmas list the other night. I logically pointed out that we don’t have classic Thanksgiving music and turned up Bing.

Also, my roots were pretty much getting out of control and Blonde suddenly seemed like a bit of a summer fling,  so I had a little color party in my bathroom on Monday.

before and after


Grandma Curry came for a visit this last week. I cried a few tears as I dropped her off at the airport today. Its so hard to live so far away from family. I loves the way she loves us. And I know thatshe is just about as excited as I am about every little thing my little boy does. I will sit by the fire and drink cider and pretend we live in Michigan close to you. 🙂

Happy Friday Everyone!

haha… bet you can’t guess which picture I edited to print out before I uploaded these.