Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.    -Psalm 126:2

Judah giggled for the first time yesterday. Not just a squeal, but an all out giggle. Now all other previous sounds my ears have ever heard are now boring.

oh, how I love them

Its such a joy to have such a happy baby, not in the least bit because Trevor and I LOVE to laugh. I love Trevor for many reasons… He is a Godly man, an incredible husband and dad… and he is also flipping hilarious. I could never have married someone who wasn’t funny. It just would never have worked.

I do love laughing (who doesn’t?)… but for some reason or other I seem to land myself in much more embarrassing situations than the average person. I called my mom all breathless and laughing the other night because recently I have had to buy some “transitional” jeans to cover areas that rapidly expanded during my pregnancy. My goal is to “transition” out of them as soon as possible. Anyway, I had worn these jeans all day when I went to take them off that night I noticed that across my big transitional bum there was a LARGE, LARGE, LARGE sticker. Awesome. I had run errands in them all day.

I like to think God knows that I will laugh about it later so he lets me stumble head first into some truly awkward situations.

One of my favorite stories to laugh about now came shortly after I started dating Trevor and his brother, Shane came into town. I really liked Trevor and wanted to make a good impression on Shane so that he would think I was super awsome and would say things like, “she’s a keeper!” and “how did you ever get to be so lucky?” and “wow, she’s so awesome you should love her forever!”… ok, maybe the last one was a leap, but the first two are somewhat reasonable, no?

Anyway, one of the last nights Shane was in town we all went over to Trevor’s dad’s house for dinner and a movie. About half way through the movie I realized I had to pee, but for some reason I decided in my mind that if I made them stop the movie so I could pee then all former coolness points would be negligible. By the time the movie finished I was in pain and rushed to the bathroom. I was wearing a skirt and I quickly pulled it up so I could do my business. *sigh*

About ten seconds later I realized I was not hearing any “water” noise. I looked down and in sheer horror realized I had just peed all over my skirt. “OH MY GOD!!!” I said. Several explatives followed in my brain.

I don’t actually have a picture from this moment, but I have recreated for your viewing pleasure what I think I probably looked like

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!!!!!” I whimpered. For a few moments I considered how much I actually liked Trevor. Maybe I could pop the window out and make a run for it? I only lived about a mile away. Was there any possible excuse I could use for doing this?? I finally decided the only way I could offer an explanation for crawling out Trevor’s dad’s window would be if there was a fire and I couldn’t get out the door. Thank God I didn’t have matches on me or I could be in prison for arson at this very moment.

I decided to take the skirt off and at least wash it out… Maybe if I got the whole thing wet they wouldn’t notice! Once the whole skirt was submerged in the sink I decided this was a horrible plan, but by then it was too late. I looked around for a towel but Trevor’s dad is a bachelor and I could only find a stupid little dinky hand towel that would barely cover the front part of my lady bits. I had been in the bathroom for several minutes by this point and with trepidation I wrung out my skirt as much as possible and put it back on.

“Umm, Trev?” I said quietly as I came out of the bathroom. ” I’m kinda tired so do you think you could take me home now?” Trevor agreed and I made my way to the door as quickly as possible. I remember standing there as trevor took his sweet time chatting and getting ready to leave and my skirt started dripping. I was running my fingers around the edge of the skirt as fast as I could do stop it from dripping. Finally we got out to the car. The doors closed and… “I PEED ON MY SKIRT!!“. *pause* “What?!?” Trevor asked. “I peed all over my flipping skirt!” I screamed.

There was silence for a few seconds and then Trevor started laughing. I think that’s when I knew it was love. Well, not really, but it sure wasn’t a bad sign.

Laughter makes the hard times so much easier. It can diffuse anger, build friendships, and make those family moments oh, so special.

I love that our home is full of laughter and getting fuller by the minute.