I LOVE holidays. I’m a super sentimental person so any chance I get to make a big deal of those special moments… baby, I’m going to wave that flag. That being said, I didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween and we still haven’t worked out exactly what our family will do when it comes to this holiday.  I honestly never thought I would be one of those mom’s that dresses up their baby in cheesy costumes. Turns out I am TOTALLY that mom. And… oh my gosh, if you could die from cuteness, then I would strongly urge you to avert your eyes.

rawr 🙂

Our little cubby

When I was younger I LOVED being scared… well, to clarify, I loved being scared in a controlled environment. My best friend and I would have sleep overs where we would double dare each other to do things like stand in front of a mirror in a darkened room and say, “bloody mary, bloody mary” over and over again. I don’t think we had any idea whatsoever why this was supposed to be scary, but we would squeal and run back to the room and tell each other that we definitely saw something in the mirror. And the sleepover’s we begged our parents to let us have in the back yard? Forget it. I think we would generally make it to midnight before we gathered the courage to make a mad dash for the house because we knew at any moment a homicidal maniac was going to try and attack us.  Now, growing up with the conservative parents I did (and they are awesome by the way), its safe to say that I saw less than your average number of scary movies or tv shows, but man did I love what I was allowed to see.

But as I’ve gotten older scary thrills have become less and less appealing. I think the last horror movie I watched was 28 days later. And only then because I tragically mistook it for the Sandra Bullock flick about sobriety called 28 Days.


Epic Failure folks. Epic.

I’m ashamed to say I watched this for at least 15 minutes waiting for Sandra to appear before I realized that if she had ever existed in this post apocalyptic world, she had been dead for a long time.

So I began to wonder what had caused this switch in my psyche where I no longer enjoyed things jumping out at me. My brothers and I used to do this to each other and though we rarely enjoyed being the recipient, we all thought it was freaking hilarious. I think the last time I was really scared like this was a couple years ago when I had the hiccups and Trevor graciously tried to “help” me by jumping out and scaring the bejesus out of me. I was so mad at him that I gave him the cold shoulder until he sheepishly apologized several minutes later. “I thought it would stop your hiccups”, he said. *pause* “Ughhh… It did!”, I wailed. “I’ve been fake hiccuping for 5 minutes because I wanted you to feel bad”.

I think in part, things stopped being so fun because make believe became reality. No, we didn’t develop a mutated virus of fear that infected the masses… but somewhere along the line I knew that there actually were bad people out there. That next to the beautiful and fantastic, there’s a whole lot of ugly. There are things that actually scare me quite a lot.

This is me on the phone with Judah’s doctor the first time he got sick and had a fever…. and yes, I know that is not on the same level as world hunger or neighborhood pedophiles, but it still rang that fear alarm.

Through good times and the scary times I’m everyday more grateful that I serve a God that has conquered death and my fear. I will cling to the beauty in my life and praise the author of it.


In other news, I recovered our dining room chairs last night! Finally! We bought the dining room set second hand years ago and they’ve been needing some tlc since we got them. I was originally going to buy foam from Joanne Fabric, but their prices were kind of outrageous. Trevor found custom cut foam for much cheaper online. It was also much higher quality and I’m regretting a bit going with foam as thick as we got it… It doesn’t have as much give as the store foam so the chairs sit a bit higher than I would like. That being said, I still love them… and I’m sure a few months of use will help push down the foam a bit.


Before: nasty stained fabric and cushions that had seen much better days.

The new awesome fabric I picked out!

One youtube video later and we were in business… It was SO easy!

Ta daa!! The finished project

and I have absolutely no idea why I decided to take the last picture horizontally.

Oh! And special thanks to Shane and Bernadette for letting me borrow their electric staple gun. That made things much easier!