We had a Saturday outing today where we went to get some burgers and go for a walk. We scored when we found a bookstore going out of business. Trev loves a deal– often times if we are wandering through any kind of home decor store he will bring me something to look at. “Trev, seriously? That’s soo tacky”… “yeah, but its on sale!”

I love books of any kind though, so this was a win-win and we had fun walking through and exploring potential treasures.

I wondered into the children’s section and found this classic on super sale.

And then I went to look for this classic:

but then, I flipped over the cover and… ugh! ack! nooooooooo!

If you don’t go to sleep, he will come and eat you kiddies!

Shel Silverstein might have been one of the most fantastic children’s authors ever, but that’s a bit of a terrifying mug to put on the back of a night time story, no?

Also, on a similar note I saw some cardboard letters on sale when I was buying our dining room chair fabric and I simply got a cheap kids books with pictures I liked and paper-machéd the bits I liked onto the letters.

The more clever members of my audience have already recognized that this in fact says “read”, not re-ad.


I’ll eventually get around to hanging up the letters and pictures… promise.


Several of my facebook buddies have decided that for every day in November they would post something that they were thankful for. I LOVE this idea… not just the idea of posting nice updates for a month, but the basic idea of being consciously aware of our blessings. I think this is why I love holidays so much anyway, it brings the awareness of just how blessed I am to the very front of my mind.

And let me tell you… I am blessed ya’ll.

Mommy loves her boy in overalls *swoon*

Our sweltering heat has finally been replaced by cool breezes and falling leaves. I am Thankful.

The two most precious gifts God has ever given me. I am thankful.

My heart is full

May I never forget why….

What are you thankful for?