My favorite days are always the days that I spend with Trevor and Judah… but even though dad’s at work, today came pretty darn close to perfect. I’ve been trying to get out a few times a week to walk a few miles so I can get out my transitional jeans and back into all my old clothes. Exercise hasn’t happened in the last couple weeks like it should, but yesterday I felt a burst of motivation and cleaned the whole house, so today I had no excuse to not get out and enjoy the weather. And I do! I love it outside right now. I love how Judah looks all bundled up, and I delight in adding layers to my wardrobe.

He’s excited cause he knows we are going on an adventure… that’s my code word for “to the park”.

Judah slept through almost the whole walk. I can’t wait till I can share these times with him, but this kid is a sucker for motion.

He’s pretty much out as soon as we put him in the car, the stroller, and oh my, lets not forget his swing. On my hardest nights with him at some point in the early a.m. hours I’ll reach over and shake Trevor a bit, “could you grab the swing?” I croak sleepily. Its my fail safe. But our swing is now starting to groan under the weight of our beautiful, chunky baby… I grudgingly looked up the weight limit the other day and lets just say we are on a time-line, people. I think I’ll push it to Thanksgiving and then kiss it goodbye to our attic while the Christmas tree takes its designated spot in our living room.

The weather outside was glorious. I was feeling all homesick this morning because our family in Michigan got their first snowfall today, but the south has its perks too.

And as much as I would like to be all cozy with my family, I have to admit that this is some “I’m happy to be alive today” kind of weather, that makes you take deep breaths and smile at strangers on the trail cause you just know they are taking deep breaths and are happy to be alive too.

Our trees are slowly losing their colorful clothing and lifting their naked arms in surrender to winter.

I love the changing seasons… especially fall. In the movie “you got mail” Tom Hanks’ character tells Meg Ryan’s character, “If I knew your address I would send you a boquet of freshly sharpened pencils” (dear lord, its even cheesier typed out!)… but I know exactly what he means. Maybe its something to do with the start of a new school year (which I know was a couple months ago), but this is an exciting time. A new time. Winter gradually turns into spring and spring slips into summer, but autumn?… autumn anounces itself loudly.

this little tree was representin’ y’all!

We made our way around the three mile trail just slowly drinking in the views.

Or at least I enjoyed the views 🙂

These blessed water fountains were created for silly people like me who forget their water bottles. Thank you… park-people.

Judah woke up somewhere along the trail and was getting fussy. So I off-roaded it for a bit and we sat against a hay bail as I nursed him.

I felt like I was one drum circle away from being a complete hippy, but it was awesome.

stupid camera focussed on the wrong thing… but he was looking at it, so — what the heck.


We made our way slowly back to the car. The last mile was hard cause little man kept getting sun in his eyes and his passy kept falling out. And it turns out I’m not awesome at holding the passy in his mouth and pushing the stroller– and maybe stopping some of the precious motion to shoot pictures along the way, but I think it was worth it. Today… well today was one of my favorites.