My little boy is four months old now.

Last week I went to go see the newest precious addition to my friends family. She had a beautiful baby boy, who is just perfect. I’m kicking myself over not taking any pictures that day, but I’m sure I will soon.

I held him close and breathed in the newborn scent and just kept saying, “I just can’t believe Judah was ever this small!” I’m watching my son grow and change, oh, so fast with a mixture of sadness and pride.

Judah is starting to reach for things with determination. And even though I see the concentration on his face, his fingers are so gentle and they slowly come up to touch mommy’s nose, mommy’s mouth and find her ears.A smile stretches across his face as I “eat” his fingers.

Also, he is enjoying being read to now.

And since I LOVE kids books, oozing with imagination and fantastic illustrations, this is definitely win-win.

I got this book for him the other day because I thought, if we still live in Memphis when he is older he should at least see pictures of what seasons look like.

I rejoice in the firsts… first smile, first laugh, first roll over. And I can’t wait for the first steps and deliberate words, but I will miss the way his fists clench, the way his butt comes out as he stretches, and the garbled coo’s.

And even though he’s only 4 months old and I’ll probably laugh at this post later, I can’t help but marvel at the speed he’s changing at. Its like trying to hold water in my hands…. He’s trickling through.