We made the trip to my brother and sister-in-laws for Thanksgiving this year, where my other family members met us. Oh, how I love my family. And this year was so special with our newest addition.

I remember last year just oo-ing and ahh-ing over my nephews, and let me tell you, the wonder of their little personalities and cuteness has just grown.

Gabriel and Nolan Thanksgiving 2010

I would love them if they weren’t my nephews, but there’s something so wonderful about seeing the extension of two people that you love dearly.

Nolie sharing some love with Uncle “Nay-nay”.

And now I get to see my family love on my “little”. To watch my dad play with him and gush over how alert and smart he is for doing something as brilliant as holding his head up strait and looking around, but to know that it all boils down to the fact that they love you, and they now love this child because he’s yours.

And the food? Well, my mom and sister had it covered between them, so I didn’t really have much to do but enjoy my family… and maybe a little parade action. My dad later made me pay penitence for enjoying the parade by watching a seemingly endless supply of John Wayne movies. Or maybe it was just the same one over and over… who can tell the difference?

I love seeing these two stand next to each other. There are no camera tricks, folks. There is 1 foot 2 inches of height difference between my cute petite mom and my supermodel sister-in-law.

Anyone ever see the movie Julie and Julia? Well in it there is an interaction between Julia Child and her husband… She is wondering what she’s going to do with her time and he asks her what she enjoys doing. She replies with something to the effect of “Well, I enjoy eating! and I’m so good at it!” Well, Julia, I know exactly what you meant when you said that, and even though food would be very near the bottom of the list of things that I’m thankful for, its still one of the many many reasons I love Thanksgiving.

Judah got in on the food action by eating his first “solid” food.

Brotha threw down, eating an entire small sweet potato pureed with applesauce and water.

Trevor’s Dad made a 7 hour trip just to come see us for a day! We feel very loved.

Grandpa Flynn is a natural with kids… He especially loves picking on them. When Trevor’s sister Alayna was first going to daycare she was distraught the first day that my mother-in-law dropped her off. The daycare workers trying to distract her asked her, “what do you do with your mommy?”… baking, coloring etc. came up. Then they asked, “and what does your daddy do with you?”… Alayna, still crying at this point sobbed, “he beats me!”. They were aghast– especially when the 6″4′ former football tackle came to pick her up. He came in and as she ran towards him he bent down wiggling his fingers towards her. “Are you ready for your beating?” he said starting to tickling her. Very poor choice of words makes for a very funny story years later.

I don’t often get to see my grandparents, so when we had the oportunity to shoot up to their apartment for a few hours I jumped at it. I so cherish my time with them. They are amazing examples of Christians and of the marriage institution. Hearing him pray over Judah before we left brought tears to my eyes. Knowing that they pray for us every day is humbling.

In fact, if nothing else, Thanksgiving is so wonderful because it truly awes my hearts that God has blessed me so much.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!