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So, I haven’t really blogged since before Christmas cause… I was lazy. But, at some point the laziness has to end so I decided to try and catch up on this whole web log thing AND I took a shower today. I know, I know… you are in awe.

We had an AWESOME Christmas. Complete with lots of family and falling snowflakes. I love The U.P..

Perfection. Another big reason for my absence is that I got a kindle touch for Christmas.

Someone broke into hogwarts people, cause I swear this thing is magic. My brother in law tried to explain something to me about magnets or etch-a-sketch technology, but I glazed over pretty quickly. So Harry potter wins another round and I have been very busy freely reading all of my free books. For free.

There’s just something you can’t replace about being home. I feel so at peace sitting in my parents living room while my Dad loves on my baby and my mom writes out hand written letters to family and friends. How amazing is it that she does that? My mom has the best  handwriting. It just flows across the page. She made me a recipe book when I left for college with all of my favorite home recipes.

She’s pretty awesome like that. I try really hard to have good handwriting and many journal entrances start out with neatly printed words and flowy f’s… but somewhere down the page it gets wildly loopy and conjoined and not so… flowy. Don’t worry though there is some justification in the world. My mom is also a horrible typist. tit for tat. She’s like a crazy chicken ninja and attacks the keys with a four fingered vengance.

I think this is what the keys see… right before they die.  (notice the flared nostrils for extra intensity)

I don’t know why she never learned to type, but I’m assuming when you are a ninja of any type, you just don’t let that go easily.

Anyyyyyway. We had an awesome visit and finally had to pack up and come back so Trevor could get back to work. boo. We decided to mostly drive through the night because we are too poor to buy plane tickets to the smallest airport in north America and Judah would do MUCH better on the trip if he was sleeping for most of it. I would rather drive tired than be really awake with a screaming baby in the back. But it is a 16… *pause for effect*,  16 hour drive. holla.

I was super tempted around 4am to buy some of those caffeine pills. But I was still scared strait by that episode of saved by the bell, so I resisted. I found these later and Trevor confessed that he bought them although he didn’t actually use them.

Where do we draw the line? huh? huh?! Intervention pending…

Anyway, life is pretty much back to normal. Meaning, controlled chaos. Judah currently has a double ear infection though, so I’m going to wrap up this post cause I’m pretty sure he’s going to wake up soon, poor guy.

I will leave you with a couple awesome pics of my son since I know that’s why half of you read this blog anyway. Mom… and the other half, my mom-in-law. 🙂

Judah’s so cool he planks on his nursery floor. Check out those amazing thunder thighs! nom nom.

He also photo-bombs my cute babysitting pictures.

And finally, just one to make you go: squeeeeeeee!