How’s that for an epic title, eh? Judah’s first tooth came in yesterday! There was much rejoicing in the Flynn household as we rubbed our fingers across the sharp edge sticking out of his gummy smile. He’s also trying his hardest to clap, but can’t quite make his hands meet yet. I almost think I like it better that way. 🙂

He’s not crawling yet, but he’s so anxious to be mobile. His favorite mode of transportation is mommy… carrying him around everywhere. All day long. And even though my arms are starting to actually have muscle for the first time in years, even I need a break. So, option  #2 is his jeep walker.

And let me tell you. Brother can scoot. So much so that he learned that as soon as my back was turned he could practically run to our old garbage can and pull down the edge to try and remove the contents, put his mouth on the rim etc. So, it had to go. We were able to find a new one at a home store for half off (woop woop!) and it even came with a motion sensor lid. Four double D batteries later and we were in business.

We had small group at our house the other night. All of us currently have small children, the oldest of which is my friend Kayci’s son Owen, who’s 5. He is SUPER cute and completely obsessed with robots. When his mom was pregnant, she asked him if he thought the baby would be a boy or a girl. He told her it was going to be a robot. He knows all the names of the transformers even though he has yet to see the movies and many a robot picture has graced our fridge because of his generosity and artistic prowess. So, I probably shouldn’t have been surprised when about an hour into small group Owen suddenly runs up to me and says in a slow voice tinged with awe, “Heather…. you have… a robot garbage can!” I paused for a moment as his genius hit me. “I DO have a robot garbage can!” “What’s its name?” he asked. “umm… Andromeda”. “Is it in any movies, Heather?” “Well, not that I know of Owen”.

Dude. This kid is so cool.

I remember when I was about 7… maybe 8, I was supposed to bring in some kind of invention to my homeschool class. I totally forgot. Every other member of the class was far more responsible however, and came in dutifully holding their various devices made from plastic cups, cotton balls and wire hangers. The teacher finally got around to me and I mumbled into my lap that I forgot about it. She was trying to be nice, so she asked me if I were to invent something, what would I make? She just wanted me to say something along the lines of making a bug trapper out of a plastic cup etc. but apparently I thought this was a “shoot for the stars moment”, cause I was off describing a robot that would put the creations of star wars to shame. Its pretty embarrassing to admit that I then sat there feeling somewhat smug that all the girl sitting next to me could dream up was a holder for her mom’s glasses when I could invent a frickin’ robot!

Umm… so, yeah. No patents pending. But now I at least can say I DO have a robot in my house. His name is Andromeda, and look… I even got a video of him in action. 🙂