Tonight we were driving home from Qdoba. If you haven’t been to one, its a burrito place that packs about a pound of food into a tortilla and then wraps it up in tinfoil like its a normal meal. Awesome. I can’t usually eat the whole thing in one go (notice the “usually”…) and so I carefully wrap up about half to save for, lets be honest, my 10:30 munchies that have happened on a consistent basis since I started nursing.

Any-hoo… We (Trevor and I) were talking about the pure volume of food that they give you which I can only assume brought on the next comment.

Trevor: “When I open a plus size store I’m going to call it chubby bunny. You know, cause they might be chubby but bunnies are still cute, so its not demeaning.”

Me: “Someone your size is never allowed to open a plus size store. Its just insulting. Its like me talking about how hard it is to be blind or something.” *pause for a few minutes*  “You are still going to love me even if I got fat, right?”

Trevor: “yeah, of course. I loved it when you were pregnant.”

Me: …..”what does that have to do with anything?”.

Trevor: “uhhhh……”