Judah is this close to crawling. He’s already doing it a bit, but it hasn’t really clicked yet that he can get around all over the place.

Or, maybe, he just wants me to still carry him everywhere. The problem is that my  little boy is not so little anymore and its just kind of hard to carry him all the time.

Annnnnd maybe just a tad more difficult since my back has been hurting, which may or may not have had something to do with me trying to jump over the couch arm and tripping while screaming, “parkour!!!” for the amusement of my husband… Ahem.

He also has been teething pretty much since Christmas, and it seems to come with ear infections for the poor kid. I hate seeing him uncomfortable, and its also been hard cause it seems like we’ve taken 2 steps back in our “sleeping through the night” goal. I’m trying to find that line between not depriving him of comfort and figuring out how much evil genius a 7 month old can concoct to get back into mom and dad’s bed. hmmm.

I’ve had this up on my kitchen chalkboard for a while now.

Needless to say, I’ve been getting up a lot throughout the night the last few months, and the other night around 3am I sleepily opened the door from our bedroom so I could go to the bathroom, and I froze. There was a silhouette in the living room and I think my heart just about stopped. I stood there for several seconds wondering what to do. Trevor and I have been debating about whether to get a handgun, and I’ve been a bit wary about it. In this moment I knew I was a fool and that we should have built an artillery in our room long ago. I shut the door and shook Trevor. “I think there’s someone in the living room”. He jumped up and quickly ran to the hallway and flicked on the light. My evil burglar turned out to be Judah’s car seat and Jonny jump up… I seriously thought I was going to throw up and my chest actually hurt. Have you ever been that scared? Its a good thing I haven’t got my desert eagle yet because I’m not sure if Judah’s car seat would pass safety inspection with several gaping holes in it.

I was laughing the next day on the phone as I described to my mom what a wimp I had been, and how manly Trevor was (*swoon*) when she was like, “do you remember when your brothers did their “break out” thing in the living room?” To give some back history, we were all home schooled. We also watched very little television but waaaay too many kids ninja movies. Enough said, right? So, we started doing these things where we would sneak into each others rooms after bed time and if we could get in there all stealthily like ninjas then we would suddenly pop up and shout, “break out”. Not sure where the catch phrase came from but it was obviously awesome, so we don’t question such things.

Anyway, my brothers had asked my mom if they could do a “break out” downstairs one night and for some reason she agreed. Well, my mom woke up late one night hearing noises in the living room. She tried waking up my dad but he wouldn’t wake up… so she finally made her way out to the living room. When she finally turned on the light and found two tiny ninjas in all their black ninja gear she opened up a can of whoop-ass on them (sorry for saying ass, mom). And they were all crying and finally got out, “but you said we could do a break out!”. Then it dawned on her and she apologized and they were sent to bed. All I have to say is that its a really good thing she didn’t have her desert eagle!