Spring is my favorite season in the south… Its gorgeous  right now and rolled in somewhere around February. And as the mercury rises, and our days grow longer, it can’t help but lift your spirits. I have a love affair with Memphis right now that will probably end sometime next month, but for now I will enjoy it. And even though my pleasure with thunderstorms has diminished somewhat since buying a 90 year old house, I still love to see the clouds roll in, fat and pregnant with raindrops. I lay in bed listening to the sound of thunderstorms, feeling so safe and whispering to our house, “please don’t leak, please don’t leak, please don’t leak”.

But as the beauty emerges so do the creepy crawly things that make the south the south. We were walking outside the other night and I found a slow moving turd on our porch… erm, I mean a giant slug. Usually I cover them with a small mountain of salt and wait for Trevor to dispose of the rest. But we were headed out and, well, I could just leave it. So I decided to hit it with a stick. If you think at this point that I’m cruel… well, you would be exactly right. If you are one of those lovely souls that feels compassion for all things, you will be happy to hear it got me right back though by squirting me with its slime juice as I hit it. *shiver, shiver*. Trevor enjoyed a brief show of my hopping around and screaming, “it squirted on me!!” Also, I’ve had a few moments recently where you walk through the invisible spider web hanging across your porch and suddenly become a karate master as you freak out trying to swipe the horrible thing away from your face to the amusement of your neighbors.


Judah is crawling all over the place now. He is, of course, mostly interested in things he shouldn’t be playing with, but then, aren’t we all? He definitely understands the word, “no” now, so that means we have had to start disciplining. joy. Also, no matter how often I clean our floors he generally ends the day looking like one of the cast of Oliver Twist… not only from the blackened feet and dirty face, but also because he somehow finds every crumb that has been thrown/dropped from his highchair and seems to enjoy eating that much more than when it was lovely and clean. Food, glorious food, eh?

He is especially fascinated with our cat, Jack. Jack isn’t the most loving feline soul, due to my husbands rough play. Trevor treated him like a dog for the first year of his life. A dog that you wrestle with and chase around the house… that has fangs. and claws. He’s also been somewhat terrorized by small children that have come over to our house, so when I look up and see Judah making his way towards our cat as fast as he can, I intervene pretty quickly. I’m not sure if I just need to let him get scratched at some point so he learns to not grab at Jack’s fur etc, but for the meantime, I’m separating them as much as possible for their mutual health.

He LOVES his daddy and I just can’t get enough of watching them together. My guys. I will never get tired of loving them.

This is how he kisses Trev

Becoming a mother is one of the most amazing gifts God has ever given me… and also the hardest, most exhausting and sanctifying process I’ve been through. Its amazing how much your own flaws and shortcomings emerge as you deal with your beautiful, wonderful, amazing… and totally selfish child. Its so amazing how God uses this process to show you where so many of your shortcomings are and also how he loves you in ways you never fully grasped before. What an amazing process. What a joy.