We decided a couple months ago to remodel our bathroom and have eagerly counted down the days till my father in law came to visit because he is always a HUGE help in whatever current house project we are tackling. I’m so excited to get a new bathroom. The pink horrendous-ness that has existed there since we bought the house has finally breathed its last. Goodbye forever you mauve horror.

The walls came down and the demolition started. We lived two days without a toilet. I’m not going to go into any details (cause I’m a lady), but yeah… I’m glad to have it back. The only thing is that there is no lock on the door, and for a day (and a night) we didn’t even have a door back on. I would use the toilet as fast as humanly possible because I can imagine nothing (and I mean nothing) worse than your father in law walking in on you on the toilet.

Meanwhile, Judah has been enjoying his sink baths.

The toilet only appliance back in our bathroom so far though. Remodels always take about 3 times as long as you think they are going to. You figure out all the details, triple check them, allow room for error and then all hell breaks loose… or something to that effect. But my husband is awesome, and no matter what eventually we will end up with a beautiful bathroom with finishes that I actually got to pick out.

My sister in law came for a short visit that felt even shorter cause we just love her so much. Time flies. It was her first time meeting Judah and he greeted her with shy smiles followed by quick head ducking into mommy’s chest.

Having my sister-in-law and father-in-law here has been so fun and Judah pretty much thinks Grandpa has hung the moon. He will be hanging out with me in the living room and then hears grandpa make some noise in the other room and he’s off to find out what action he’s missing out on. It doesn’t hurt that grandpa is willing to share whatever he is currently snacking on with little beggar. 🙂

We have dealt with severe separation anxiety for several months now, so having a person that is more exciting than mommy is a welcome change. Babysitting has been hard for even the most compassionate of souls (his aunt and uncle) but within minutes of leaving him in the church nursery usually some harassed helper is sent to find me and tactfully whispers in my ear, “your baby is inconsolable”.


We spent the day hanging out and then made a visit to the botanical gardens that were just beautiful.

this little chapel makes me want to get married all over again.

The only crazy part was when we got there I suggested we head over to this pond area where there are these koi fish. We got to the edge of the pond and it was like we had fired a koi bat signal in the air. They started swarming toward us. Enter in a little girl who stepped next to us and threw like, 3 pellets of food into the water and all of a sudden there was a koi mosh pit going on. There were so many they were pushing each other out of the water. It was kind of sick, truth be told. And for the record, I will never understand why so many people want koi tattoos.


We went downtown in the evening and then returned home to watch old home movies that I have been begging to watch for… I dunno, years now. They were everything and more that I had hoped for. We saw Christmas morning, ’93 where my husband had the best high-pitched little boy voice you’ve ever heard, his little sister was stinkin’ cute and his older brother (very) excitedly received his first CD. Mariah Carey. There was also a family wedding in ’96 complete with a dancing reception and let me just tell you; these brothers got the moves like Jagger. 🙂 It makes me simultaneously sad and overwhelmingly grateful that my parents didn’t have a video camera. Poor Judah, I can only imagine the embarrassing moments I will happily play for his wife in the future.

I LOVE watching our family love on our son. Every night we pray over Judah, we read to him, sing songs, say a blessing over him and at the close of it all we whisper words that I picked up from my friend Stephanie’s night time routine with her littles. We say, “Mommy loves Judah, Daddy loves Judah, but most of all, Jesus loves Judah.” We pray for our family and current issues at the tops of our minds. Its the best way to end the day that I can think of. Bringing our hearts and minds back to a position of thankfulness and focus.

I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness; I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High. -Psalm 7:17