If you aren’t my friend on facebook or somehow haven’t heard yet, we are thrilled to announce our love is growing.

I’m 18 weeks now and we are so excited to welcome this little one sometime around the beginning of January. Last summer, I swore I would never again have a baby in the middle of a Memphis summer. ha. Well, the Lord heard my cry and surprised us by sending this next baby smack dab in the middle of winter. It was a joyful surprise to see those two lines. Judah and this little one will be about 17 months apart. Whew! I know that while I’m sure to be overwhelmed and stressed at times, this is going to be wonderful. This pregnancy has already been sooo much easier than my pregnancy with Judah! Thank you Lord! And even during the hardest part of my first trimester we had my sister come visit for a month. We planned her visit before I even knew I would be pregnant. What a blessing she was! Helping me out so much with Judah and generally just being wonderful.

Judah welcomed Aunt Hannah in as a natural addition to our family. I love that my son has no enemies, only friends he hasn’t met yet. God is teaching me so much through him.


Onto other things, our bathroom is finished!!! My amazing husband worked so hard on it and it turned out even better than I had hoped for. We have a couple last finishing touches to do, but all of the main components are finished!

We’ve certainly come a long way from here.

We splurged on the floor tile and on the pendant lights, but I’m glad we did. I think they were totally worth it.

I still have to hang some pictures and add the little touches that we women love to do. That’s the best part though, right?

At the end of the day, its not the nice things in our home that make it a beautiful place, but I’m grateful for those blessings anyway.