We just got back last week from an amazing, all be it, hectic trip to Michigan. Its funny how being home generally makes me more homesick than before I left. This visit was so back-to-back with our last trip that I think more than anything all I could think about was my dread of the travel getting there. Hoping for no delays and a happy baby on the flights.

We scheduled this trip so close to our last one because we had been asked to come play worship for an awesome conference that was hosted by my parents church. It also worked out really well that the following weekend Trevor’s grandparents were having their 60th wedding anniversary which was a big family get together for Trevor’s mom’s side of the family. On top of that I won’t be able to travel for either Thanksgiving or Christmas this year, so we wanted to get in some quality family time before we were stuck in Memphis before the arrival of our second little.

And we did.

I feel really bad that I didn’t get more pictures of more family members on this trip… but on the other hand I think I was too busy just enjoying myself to think of breaking out the camera. Which, to be honest, I’m perfectly fine with.

My parents bought 40 acres of land a couple years ago and now they have a huge organic garden, which is just lush. Between the homemade pesto, fresh tomatoes and ahem, homemade (not from the garden) mozzarella my mom and I cracked out I was pretty much in heaven.


Judah discovered this trip that he LOVED playing in the rain. Especially when his playmate was his buddy, Aunt Hannah. He would raise his arms over his head to feel the drops on his tiny extended fingers. What a privilege to watch a child discover life.

Also, he decided that watermelons make the best toys

ride ’em cowboy


Trevor’s grandparents were celebrating their 60th anniversary last weekend and we were so happy to be able to be part of that families celebration. It was held at Trevor’s mom’s lake-house which is just lovely. This is the view from the back deck… I know, right?

Pure Michigan baby.

The house is basically out in the middle of no-where, but perfectly set up for the leisurely activities of vacation. We swam, boated, and drove around the surrounding trails on their recreational vehicles.

This is one of the many reasons little boys need daddy’s. There’s no way I could get that shriek-of-laughter inducing height. I love the way they love each other.

And this right here? This is the way that Judah kisses only Trevor. No one else gets the special nose kiss.

It really was completely wonderful, but by this point in the trip Judah was basically just fed up with being out of routine and schedule for the better part of two weeks and was making his needs to get home very known.

I was ready to get home too, but as previously mentioned, I dread the trip.

I don’t like flying in general. I don’t mind the whole heights thing, and I’m not worried about crashing to my death, but the whole cramped, hot, I’m-breathing-someone-elses-breath part makes me very uncomfortable. Add on three flight delays, a screaming toddler, a missed meal and a full on sprint through O’hare to catch our last plane and I was, well… frazzled.

But there’s something special about flying at night with a window seat. Judah drifted off around take-off to the rumble of the engine. And as we climbed through the air something wonderful happened. I pushed up my plastic window shutter to find the moon reflecting on a sea of clouds. Patches of civilization poke through, like little utopian Atlantis’ in the dark. And the stars… Stars have always had the much needed affect of bringing perspective for me. My problems and trivial frustrations are no longer big, because I am no longer big in my eyes. God has created a huge, marvelous world out there and even though I am a very small part of it, I have a significant role to play where he has placed me. We are safe, we are happy, we are blessed.