I started my third trimester a couple weeks ago which is grrrreat. Mostly, I’m super excited to meet our little girl… but a close second  payoff is the fact that I won’t be pregnant anymore. I don’t get these women who sob into their maternity clothes and gush about “just loving” their pregnancies. I feel hot, uncomfortable and huge. Did I say huge?

My bellybutton never did pop out with Judah, although it came pretty darn close. I remember telling my best friend Louise once, “I have a very deep belly button. I recon I could fit 10 tiny pebbles in my belly button”. These are the kinds of things that sometimes come out of my mouth without first bypassing my brain. And she seems to remember every one of these wonderful quotes.

I think that the last trimester in particular is God given to prepare us for getting up several times a night with a baby. whether it be the multiple trips to the bathroom, or just because you can’t find a single position that isn’t super uncomfortable. Also…. ahem… our neighbors, got a rooster. In the middle of a city neighborhood. a ROOSTER. In my very best gob arrested developement voice… “c’mon!!” cock-a-doodle doing its butt off from 4:30 in the morning till about 8:30 at night. awesome.

Around 5 every morning since they got the foul fowl (see what I did there, ehh, ehh?), I decide I’m going to call the police and make them spend life in prison for this… I’m pretty sure that’s the penalty for noise violation, right? But by 8:30, and about 2 cups of coffee later, I have decided to be much more charitable and hopefully more biblical in my approach. They don’t speak a lot of english, but we have passed a few plates of food and cookies back and forth with smiles and over-enthusiastic head nodding in the past, so I baked them a bunch of muffins and had a friend translate a note into spanish basically saying that its illegal to have a rooster in the city limits and I wanted to warn them before I… uhh… I mean someone called animal control and they were fined for having said rooster.

I figured their reaction would probably be somewhat like this:

As opposed to:

My mom thinks I’m over thinking it… but I figured you have to tread carefully with people that would be willing to put a rooster 20 feet from their neighbors bedroom.