Last night we had put Judah down to bed and we were getting ready for bed ourselves, and I realised I was spotting blood. Disclaimer: baby girl and I are both doing great! It was just a scare, but something we felt like needed to be checked out. When it comes to your children, I suppose I always feel like its best to err on the side of caution.

I had been diagnosed with placenta previa with this pregnancy, and had been worried about finding any blood since I read all the scary articles I was told not to read by my doctor on the internet. Mea culpa, Dr. Donato.

I came into the bedroom and told Trevor what I had found. After calling a good friend (who is also a nurse) she offered to come over to be with Judah so we could go to the hospital. She also did our dishes while she was at our house. Not that its pertinent to the story, I just thought everyone should know how awesome Jen Snyder is! Holla!

So, we made our way to the E.R. got signed in and all hooked up to various monitors, etc. I wasn’t in any pain so that was a very good sign. I’ve never been to the E.R. for myself before. To be honest, if it just has to do with my safety or well being, I tend to swing probably too far to the side of, “let’s put pressure on it and see if it stops bleeding”, or, “It’ll probably grow back, its no biggie.” But since it had to do with my pregnancy, the fear alarms were raised to a new color code. “I’m scared, love” I told Trevor, my voice cracking a bit in spite my efforts to sound nonchalant. I didn’t want to overreact, but anything abnormal to do with your child seems so much more invasive on your emotions somehow. They are being threatened, and its a battle you can’t fight for them. Welcome to the vulnerability of motherhood.

The Doctor came in after a little while and asked how I was feeling, I flashed a bright smile and told him I was doing great… that, “I’m not really worried, just thought it was better to be safe than sorry”. I look over at trevor who’s rolling his eyes at me and mouthing, “righhhhhht”.

I was super excited here because of how gorgeous and un-vulnerable hospital gowns make you feel. 

One of the nurses came in and began fiddling with a sonar machine to hear the babies heartbeat. He was clearly having a bit of trouble with it and after he had listened to the babies heartbeat couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. He eventually just left with the little microphone still making noises from its box. Somewhere there is a case at the hospital on a shelf going…..beep….beeeep……beeeeeep………beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep———————————————————————————

They took some blood, and made me pee in a cup. Actually, I was given the option of peeing in a cup or the nurse running a catheter for me!! Umm, WOW. Let me take a moment to think about this… hmm… gee, I suppose I’ll go with the cup!!! I came back with the urine sample and Trevor and I started talking about the things we could put into said cup to freak out the nurse. A tiny snake and tadpoles were mentioned. That poor nurse probably thought I was having some sort of nervous breakdown because I kept making eye contact with Trevor and snorting every time she walked in the room. By the way, Trevor is going to be 30 this month. Ahem, someday… we might grow up.

4 hours, an ultrasound and many prayers later (on our part) I was given the all clear to go home around 2AM. There wasn’t much they could tell me other than to take it easy and come back if anything changed. It was a huge relief, and I’m glad we got it checked out. For some reason though, Judah wasn’t super sympathetic this morning and insisted on getting up at the normal time. One year olds, huh?

Can I just say though, that our TV shows make the real experience of an E.R. visit such a let down! haha. I’m SUPER grateful for the wonderful Doctors and nurses who work SO hard to take care of (I’m sure) their many patients, but I didn’t see a single Mcdreamy,  no one was screaming and pushing out a baby in the hallway, and I didn’t walk in on a single pair of doctor/models making out!!! Also, when we were finally able to check out around 2 AM, there was not a single legal quartet to be found. Believe me… I checked. Maybe I went to the wrong hospital??

Also, hypothetically, If you happen to get down to the bottom of your underwear drawer and you have the choice between the ratty, loose, (comfortable) pair of underwear, or making the 15 step trip to the laundry room to fish out nice, I-look-like-I-pay-my-taxes underwear from of the dryer, make the flipping trip!! In fact, ladies unite! Throw out the old scanky underwear!! Just do it! Not, uhh, that this happened to me… just, ahh… a friend! That had to go to the E.R… In another state… ages ago… yeah.  Thankfully, she told me that she didn’t have to show any Mc-steamy’s her scanky skivvies. 🙂

We are really grateful to be home safe and sound. We are praying that the previa resolves itself soon and I am able to have a natural birth. If you would join us in praying for that we would be super grateful.



So, I hadn’t heard the rooster next door for several days and I was all ready to sell my “diplomacy muffin” recipe to the government and launch a line of “all you need is Jesus!… but muffins don’t hurt either!” t-shirts  when I looked over two days ago and realised that a “for rent” sign had gone up on our neighbor’s lawn.

So, either, they were already planning to move out and they took their rooster with them OOOOOR, my friend that translated my nice note into spanish actually wrote terrifying things about what we would do to them if they didn’t kill their bird and they fled for their own safety. I’ll let you be the judge.