Judah seems to be growing up so fast recently. Real words with meaning have suddenly started popping up much more regularly even if they all aren’t completely phonetic yet. We “ooh and ahh” even over his “bah bah’s” (bye, bye) and “cah” (car) and a variety of one to two syllable words that are making an appearance nowdays. Its so fun to watch.

Our bedtimes have also become SO much easier! Judah has never been a great sleeper, and I despaired for a while whether we would ever really get him to sleep through the night. Several months ago it started happening much more regularly and now I have to remind myself that its a very rare occurrence on the nights when he does wake up and need comforting in the wee hours. A big help to that process was switching his daytime routine from two naps to one. It wasn’t a super easy transition and has made the days a bit longer for me, but huge payoff is that our nights are super easy. We do our nighttime routine and put him down without a fight, leaving several hours for Trevor and I to get some quality alone time in which has been wonderful. I love our bedtime routine… last snack, daddy wrestle time, “tickling” (brushing) his teeth, praying over and singing with our son is a very treasured part of my day.

And seriously, this kid LOVES to brush his teeth. Loves it. I don’t even use any toothpaste on his brush yet and I can only imagine the fascination growing when I actually buy the amazing tasting kids stuff.

Recently, Judah and I took a trip to Chicago to visit my brothers family before I was restricted from travel. While I was there I twice used my nephews toothpaste thinking that it was the adult crest I was reaching for. And, oh my word!! It. tastes. awesome!! I am seriously considering buying it for myself. My sister in law talked about it having less flouride than normal toothpaste, but I’m not worried, since I would clearly brush my teeth much more often than I actually need to if I have toothpaste that tastes like double rainbows… and bubblegum.

Another huge change has been the fact that he’s becoming much more of a Daddy’s boy, which has been really fun to watch. I suppose part of me wants to feel offended if he reaches for Trevor or pushes away at me, but honestly, I’m just so blessed by the relationship they have and I couldn’t be more thrilled. A friend had told me a quite a while ago that it would happen more after he was weaned, and she was right.

I struggled with weaning Judah… partly because I loved the bond that nursing brought, and partly because this kid wanted NOTHING to do with cutting out feedings. If I had left the choice up to him, I’m convinced that he would have nursed every two hours until I dropped him off at his college dorm room. I wanted to make it to at least a year before I weaned him, but then I didn’t really have a definite date in mind in terms of when the cut off should be… until I got pregnant again. Holy soreness, batman.

In the Harry Potter books J.K. Rowling introduces these monsters called dementors that suck your soul out through your mouth… umm, think 8 inches south and replace robed beasts of death with an adorable baby and I think you have the picture. Yowza.

Its with pride and sometimes frustration that I watch him assert himself outside of known boundaries and safe zones. Sometimes innocently, and sometimes, yes, with defiance, but always with a boundless curiosity for life that is such a gift to watch.

We continue to pray for wisdom as to when to hold him back and when to let him discover things for himself. What deserves a simple reprimand and what calls for discipline? I know that these judgement calls will only become harder as he grows, and I’m SO incredibly grateful that we are not in this alone. We have the bible, the holy spirit, our family and so many wonderful Godly parents in our community around us that can offer advice and counsel when we are struggling.

One of my reoccurring prayers has been that we would be correctable in this journey of parenthood. Its strange for me that it seems that parenthood has become an untouchable part of so many christians lives. I know women that would take correction or even reprimand with grace and probably even thankfulness… but when it comes to parenting… Don’t even go there.

And I get it! Good grief, to be potentially messing up or falling short in the one area of your life that you probably value above almost any other area is not going to be an easy pill to swallow!! But still, Judah is so important to me, that I WANT to be correctable and accountable. When I correct him, it’s (hopefully) not out of a desire to just correct a behavior that might bother or inconvenience me, but to correct a pattern that is incorrect and sinful in nature. Is it something that will lead him to Christ or away from Christ? If its the latter, and I’m not seeing it, then I hope someone will step in regardless of my pride. Easier said than done, but its something that I’m praying for. I’m convinced that praying for humility should be done regularly, but with a wide eyed awareness that God will answer your prayer. Rarely for me has that turned out to be easy or painless, but I do know with certainty that it has never turned out to be a mistake.

I pray as we watch our children grow from infants, to toddlers, to young adults and eventually men and women, that we are continually pointing them to Christ with our instruction. What a privilege to be part of that journey.