I might possibly be the cleanest person alive. OK, so there’s the boy in the bubble, and then me. Why, you ask? Because I’m allowed to shower privileges, and it has now become one of the most interesting parts of my day. If you don’t know me, but want to come visit me… umm… that sounds creepy. Ok, so if you know me a little bit and want to stop by, I promise to laugh at even the dumbest of jokes and be dazzlingly charming. I realised I was losing it a bit the other day when someone called my room by mistake and I tried engaging them in conversation.

Ok, I will stop whining now. I really have had a lot of visitors and everyone has been wonderful. There’s just a lot of hours in the day and I’ve never really been one to sit around for too long so it definitely has become a test in patience.

The staff here have all been rockstars, and are super nice people! One of my nurses is named, Santa. No joke. She is a 6 ft, beautiful African American woman who’s, “momma’s thing was Christmas”, she said. Apparently her thing is valentines, so I’m crossing my fingers for a future “Cupid” in the works.

I’m doing really well though and the Doctor said that if nothing else happens, then I can go home on bedrest sometime next week! The physical Therapist stopped by yesterday to walk me through “exercises” that she wants me to do. I use the term exercise in the loosest sense of the word, because she includes such vigorous activity as sitting up in my bed, (without using my stomach muscles), Pointing and un-pointing my toes, (without using my stomach muscles), rolling my shoulders, (without using my stomach muscles) and clenching and un-clenching my butt (WITHOUT USING MY STOMACH MUSCLES!!!). She also left me with this super sexy pair of don’t-give-me-bloodclot socks! yeow!

Maybe I can market them with my Jesus muffin shirts??

Trevor has been a real trooper though, and has picked up so much to compensate for me being gone. He also snuck me in some contraband tums, so I know he’s definitely willing to put it all on the line for me, sweet man. My sister arrived very late on Thursday night which is a huge blessing! She will be helping with Judah throughout the day, which will take a huge load off of Trevor. He can go to work and honestly, still have to pick up some slack, but now he won’t have to find childcare for Judah or try and do his work while watching a very active toddler. I think its actually probably very good that Judah is too young to realise how much he could possible milk this situation. By the time they come visit me in the evenings, I would pretty much be willing to give him just about anything he wants for some cuddle time with my boy. You want to pull on mommy’s IV? Sweet, that’s our new game. Gummy bears for dinner? Suuuure! why not?!

I have had a ton of time to dig into the word, which has been great. Early this month I followed the tradition of what many other people are doing right now and listing things I am thankful for everyday. I love the idea of consistently turning our hearts towards a position of thankfulness! And the more I think about it, the most the list grows. Yes, I am super thankful for the many material blessings that God has given us. More than what we need!! But on a deeper level, being stuck in this bed has given me a lot of respite to dwell on the fact that I have been ABUNDANTLY blessed in my marriage, my family, our church family and our amazing friendships! And no matter where I am, my heart needs to be consistently aware of those things.

What are some of your favorite past-times?