We have been teaching Judah sign language since he was about 6 months old. He does about a dozen signs, which would be more impressive if most of them didn’t involve ways to get food. The kid is a snack genius. Most of the signs, much like his spoken words, are close to what the word is really supposed to look like, but some sort of abbreviated form. For instance, “please” is supposed to be a circular motion with an open hand on your chest. Judah puts his hand up to his chest and swipes at his shirt… like he’s missed a few crumbs he needs to clean up. We know what he means, however, so his signs are pretty effective. But since my little sister hasn’t necessarily been there for the evolution of his sign language, its understandable that she wouldn’t be able to understand all of the different signs that he uses… even if they were the completely correct form of sign language. Friday morning she calls me.

“Heather, what does it mean when Judah keeps touching his mouth with his finger tips?”

“oh, that means his butt itches”…



“Yeah, you should see what he does when he’s hungry”. 🙂

I love having my sister here.