Its been cold in Memphis the last month, which I have loved (sorry native southerners). I waited so long for it to actually cool off and I’m loving the fires, hot drinks and fuzzy socks.

We had one day of warm weather last week while Trevor’s mom was in town and we took advantage of it by breaking out our new double stroller for the first time and meeting up with our brother and sister in law and their dog, Riley, at a local dog park. Judah LOVED it. SO much to look at, so many dogs to point out and watch. He made sure we didn’t miss a single one.




I am excited to have slightly warmer weather though because it means I can get out and walk/jog off the rest of this pregnancy weight. I’m not really a fan of jogging, but I’m even less of a fan of having a muffin top, sooo jogging wins.

So, I’m within eight pounds of pre-pregnancy weight, woop woop! I really wasn’t scared about weighing a bit more… mostly, I’m just scared of the dreaded frontal butt syndrome.  Millions of women suffer from this in silence every year. I will not be a statistic, people! Ahem… At least I don’t really have to deal with the high wasted jeans that my mothers generation had to contend with, that called so much unneeded attention to this tricky post-pregnancy area.

Because of the nice cool weather we have been indoors quite a bit, but I’m just enjoying my kids and finally finding a pattern and routine out of the chaotic transition from 1 child to 2. Judah is 18 months now, and I’m sure even if we didn’t have another baby, that the age he’s at would bring many challenges of its own. He has received Ella so wonderfully and been amazingly sweet with her. That, in and of itself is such a huge answer to prayer! But he has definitely started acting out in other areas and its been difficult to discern whether that was out of a desire for attention or simply a new phase that we needed to deal with.

I remember feeling that 5-7 months with Judah was a very difficult stage, because he wasn’t crawling yet, but was absolutely desperate to be mobile. As soon as he started crawling, I felt like I had my happy baby back. And essentially, that’s a lot of where I feel like we’ve been with his language for the last couple months. He’s getting to the point right now where he’s desperate to start communicating with us, and when he can’t get his point across through his limited words or signs he gets frustrated.

He has started saying and repeating a lot of words lately though, which has been really fun. What’s hilarious though, is how he can start off saying something really clearly, and as we ask him to repeat it, it becomes worse and worse. For example:

Me: “play doh”,

Judah: “pay doh”

Me: “yeah! play doh!”

Judah: “pah dah”,

Me:  “play doh… ?”

Judah: “paah deeeeahhhhala”

Me: “how did this happen?!”

Judah: “blahehalalalaa”….

I’m finding that for Judah’s needs right now we function so much better if we have some sort of planned activity to fill part of our day with. This is giving me a good kind of nudge to make plans with people that I’m always meaning to make plans with, get out and go to the the park, go on a walk etc. I think its way too easy to become shut up within my little home and activities, especially when it feels like there is so much to do during the day already, but generally I find that when I push myself to be active, to see a friend, to get outside, to do the grocery shopping etc… these activities are life giving and very rewarding.

Ella has been such a content baby so far, but even the most relaxed infant still required lots of time and attention. I’m happy to oblige and I’m slowly learning how to juggle playtime, nursing, meals, naps, baths etc for two kids throughout the day. I’m loving our little family right now and finding joy in the transition.


Things that bring me joy lately are:

Time with Trevor — this is a constant, but still something that I’m always grateful for.

Saturday mornings… For over a year now, Trevor has taken Judah on Saturday mornings and declared it his “Daddy time” with his son and now with Ella too. I know that this is half because he is an amazing father, but also half because he’s an awesome husband it allows me a chance to sleep in, or read something, or just generally have some alone time. Did I mention that a lot of times he wakes me up with a latte? Tell your men to take notes, ladies.

The little, “ahh” Judah lets out after he’s taken a drink, like he’s on a coco-cola commercial. Gets me every time.

Falling more in love every day with my beautiful violet eyed daughter. Her eyes may change in the coming months, and whatever they become, I’m sure it will be my new favorite shade, but for now, I’m enjoying the bluish purple hues.

Co-sleeping. No, I don’t sleep quite as well as I do without my child in bed with me. But its one of those give a little and receive a lot scenarios that so often come with parenting. The joy of how her tiny body fits next to mine. Her tiny chest rising and falling next to me and the sweetness of knowing how calm and comforted she is because she is next to her mommy. Thank you God.

Judah’s jumping and dancing… is there anything better than a dancing toddler?

Ellas beautifully delicate hands. Oh my word.