I’ve started far too many posts with… its been too long since I’ve blogged… blah, blah, blah. So, I won’t go on with that, but we have had so many changes happen the last couple months, that its hard to catch up with it all. Sometimes I wish we could grab time by the tail and just slow it down a bit. The truth is that I AM crazy busy with my littles, and the truth is also that I am prone to procrastinate when I don’t absolutely HAVE to do something. The blog falls into the category of things that if it doesn’t get done, nobody will suffer bodily harm, so often it gets chopped from my to-do list.

I’m sure many people who know us, but incase you haven’t heard, the Flynn’s are moving back to Michigan! I hope Michigan is ready for this much awesomeness… or, you know, something more humble-ish.


We sold our house in Memphis in February. We have felt for a long time like we would like to move back to Michigan and closer to our families. We also feel very connected to a church there, but for a long time, God didn’t give us the “go ahead” to list our house. Finally, last fall we felt like we were released to list our house. Our realtor had warned us that it would probably take quite a while to sell the house given the current market, so we weren’t really discouraged when we didn’t have any viewings right away. Then all of a sudden, we had two viewings, and three offers on the table. Did I mention that all 3 offers came on the same day? Long story short, we were given a full price offer. Our appraisal came back lower than our asking price, but we were able to throw some savings at it and get out of our house. Thank you, God.

It was a sad process. Saying goodbye to our home represented saying goodbye to a lot of things for me. It was the largest obstacle holding us down in Memphis, and represented the good and bad parts of why we wanted to stay and go. It was our first house. A lovely place that became beautiful in my eyes as time, memories and our personal touches made it a home. Both of our children were born in Memphis and brought home to Coleman Avenue.


I cried as I packed up our boxes, laughing at my tears and chastising myself for growing too attached… But more than anything, I knew this was the beginning of the end of our time here in Memphis. Its true that I’ve never felt particularly loyal to this city… I know this is the dumbest, lamest excuse in the the book, but the weather absolutely kills me here. I do NOT handle the heat and humidity well at all and I’ve always been so impressed with the people that really rallied behind this city, seeing the diamond in the rough. Generally, though I’m ashamed to admit it, I only saw coal.

But the people. We LOVE our friends and family here and will miss them so very dearly. Goodbyes truly make me long for heaven and I get some small glimpse into God’s heart and the reason that Christ endured the cross. I hate separation too. I can’t wait for heaven.

Its amazing how God can bless you with friendships that truly challenge you and build you up. Community, when done correctly, is one of the most beautiful things that God has created. The fabric of our friendships has been tightly woven with prayer, encouragement, and laughter.

I have realized though that the move itself has been easier for me than anytime we have relocated in the past. Trevor, Judah, Eleanor. These people are my home.


There is so much more to say, but the gist is that we are moving, we have some mixed feelings, but mostly we are excited. I can’t wait to be near our families… have them love on our children and share life together. Marquette is a wonderful place to raise a family and we are so excited to settle down roots there!