Trevor and I had an awesome date night earlier this week (hello grandparent baby sitters!!) where we walked along the beach and made our way down to the international food festival that comes in every year for the 4th of July week. I seriously love this city, but it does make me laugh about going to an “international” food festival, where all of the stalls are local food vendors selling a marked up version of a mass produced item from their normal menu. Still… There is something about the experience and the atmosphere that makes it so fun. Wasn’t it Humphrey Bogart who said, “a hot dog at the ballpark is better than a steak at the ritz”? And as Trevor reminded me last night, “Heather! Its awesome because you pay with tokens” Humphrey and my husband… they get it. Its all the little things that add up to make a memory.

We made a lot of memories this week. We went to the Marquette City parade, which for a small-ish city was actually pretty decent.



We managed to find a space that had a good view and didn’t have a lot of other kids around us… Stick our cute nearly-two-year-old out on the curb, and boom, we were in candyland paradise. I have picked through most of the better cheap candy by this point so we now have about 3000 tootsie rolls to finish before they go bad. Given the fact that I think they are comprised mostly of wax, I think we have a bit of time on our hands.

After we left the parade we grilled out with our family and generally overate. It was a great day.


Ella with her uncle nay-nay

Holidays in general are taking on all new meaning for me now that I get to see the wonder and excitement of these experiences through my kids eyes. Eleanor is still too little to get anything out of a special day yet… for her, as long as mommy is around, everyday is special and worthy of gummy smiles.


Judah however, is old enough to get caught up in the excitement. He was thrilled with the parade although a few of the people in costumes were enough for him to slowly back up into my lap and slip his hand into mine.

But the fireworks… no contest were the highlight of the day.


Before they really kicked off several smaller ones were lit by people nearby and Judah was beside himself, “light! light! Mommy, light!”. Once the big fireworks started he was more intimated by the booms that you felt in your chest. I placed my hands over his ears and watched his little mouth form an unheard, “oh wow”.



I’m grateful for this country where I can worship God, love my family and find our memories along the way. Happy 4th of July week everybody.