Every summer Trevor and I find our “summer jam”. Its the song that we turn up when we are driving down the road and sing a little louder because, well, its our summer jam! This year, Judah chose the song for us. This is his favorite song… the one that earned its place as our 2013 jam because Judah breaks out his best dance moves and wiggles for this song. He loves it. In honor of our little boys second birthday, Trevor put together a video for him. Dance strong little man.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure how we got to 2. He has made the leap from baby to toddler to little man with so much grace that it feels as though we suddenly landed in here with a boy who teases and counts and is so eager to “help” mommy or daddy in our every day tasks.


And just a side note: I’m seriously sick of the phrase, “terrible two’s”.  Judah is at my favorite age so far right now. I’m not saying that we won’t face challenges, but I love the things that he is learning and growing in right now! I love the way he can communicate with us. The words he chooses and the ideas he forms for things. Since the day we found out we were having a boy I’ve waited with anticipation to watch some of the things that he’s doing now. I love watching him push his cars around on the floor. And he just knows the kind of sounds that they should make. I love that he now wants to help pick his own clothes and decide on the cartoon he gets to watch before bedtime.

The way he shows me the sounds that thunder makes and how excited he gets when I let him jump in puddles or play in the rain. His fingers stretched to the sky reminds me of the joy I need to find in the small things. And his smile starts in his eyes… I love that smile… it starts in his eyes and makes me feel like I’m on the inside of a wonderful joke that we have shared.

I cherish the small amounts of baby left in him. The way that he is still shy when he gets around new people and will sit quietly in my lap… the safe place. But I also cherish the moment when he tentatively steps away from me and goes to play with his new friend. Because at this age, there are no enemies; only friends you haven’t met yet. There is so much to learn from our children.


I can’t believe that God gave Judah to us. I will never stop thanking him for that.