Several months ago I read a blog post from a family that felt like they weren’t connecting with their friends and family in the way that they wanted to connect. They had busy lives and careers and a family of their own… all the traditional (and reasonable) excuses. In their pursuit of connection, they decided that every Friday night they were going to have spaghetti and meatballs and invite their circle over. For them, breaking the mold meant making a bunch of pasta to share with close friends and even Facebook acquaintances. I loved this story. Not only because it combines two of my favorite elements, friendship and food, but because they took the bull by the meatballs and pushed out of their routine to provoke a better reality.

For a while I’ve felt like I’ve wanted to reach farther into pursuing more of the things that brings me more JOY in life. Cooking, relationships, writing, music… there are a lot of things that make my soul come alive, and instead, I spend a lot of time on things that seem to slowly chip away at my joy. Social Media can be such a great tool. It can also consume my time and energy and honestly, most time I can’t tell you what I have gained from the time I have wasted away on it. I have often allowed myself to fill what little spare time I have with distraction. I think the land of distraction is a comfortable land… you are not required to create or grow or become better. It’s a barren land… you work hard for the little that you gain from it. So, I’ve decided that I need more practice at boredom. Many days, I feel like I don’t have 5 minutes to myself, but that’s not really true and even if it is, I want to allow myself to uncomfortable luxury of choosing joy. Of creating and intentionally growing.

So, here is to intentional boredom. I’m excited to see where this takes me.