Many changes of season both physically and metaphorically seem to be upon our family right now.

I said a very tearful goodbye to my sister a couple weeks ago as she headed off to do an 1 year internship at a church in New Zealand. She is going to join my brother there that works full time at the church she will be interning with and while I absolutely know that she is going to love her time there… I already miss her dearly. I prayed and prayed that before she left home I would live close to her again. The Lord very graciously answered my prayer, but now of course I realize that there would have never been “enough” time… I would always selfishly want more. We had a small “Bon Voyage” party for her before she left.

We had games and a few small activities planned which never ended up happening because people just wanted to visit and talk and love on Hannah… which was perfect. I even held it together during the party and only started bawling once I arrived back home. Win.

I made some decorations themed around hot air balloon travel (Hannah loves hot air balloons) which I then forgot to photograph at all. Trevor snapped a couple pictures with his phone before everything got taken down for the night so that was nice, but not the best quality ever. oh well. IMG_0928-001

That picture frame above said, “please leave a memory, a prayer or words of wisdom to encourage Hannah in the year ahead”. IMG_0929-001

super easy bunting made from an old resale shop atlas. IMG_0930-001

these were probably the biggest flop of the night. I had helium balloons that I foolishly thought would be strong enough in their buoyancy to hold up the thinest tule that I could find at the store… I had seen something on pinterest of course. Well, the idea was to cut off the basket handles and make it look like a hot air balloon. Well, long story short, the standard size balloon is not made to hold up even the lightest object and I resorted to holding them up with twigs I gathered. It didn’t really look like a hot air balloon or… anything really. I made one and started laughing… but what can you do? It was the day of the party and I didn’t have anything else planned. I’m not sure it falls into the pintrocity category, but it sure as heck didn’t look like a hot air balloon! IMG_0934-001 IMG_0935-001

Oh my Hannah. Be brave baby girl… You were made for greatness.

If you’re anything like me you tend to be a little wary of change. Even in my anticipation of change I tend to cling to my familiarity; kissing the old goodbye and greeting the new with a stiff handshake.

We are also saying goodbye to Trevor’s childhood home that we have been renting from his mom since we moved to Michigan which is so bittersweet. It has been such a great home for our family to live for the last year and a half, but we are excited to build memories in a place that we can truly make our own.

We have been on the lookout here and there for houses to buy in the last several months. It’s been a while in coming for us as we had a certain downpayment goal that we wanted to hit before we purchased another home. But a couple weeks ago we decided to go look at an older home that had just come on the market in our desired neighborhood and we just fell in love. We love to do projects, but we weren’t necessarily wanting to take on an entire home remodel. This house felt perfect for us. It’s also ideally located about a block from the park, a few blocks from the lake, library etc. 10957725_10101427488304180_5173273883963944089_n


It’s an older home with the charm or quirks that an old home brings, but the first two floors have been completely remodeled. We will paint and decorate, but focus our TLC on the basement and third floor. Everything has been happening so quickly and we close on the house in 1 week… about three and a half weeks after we first walked through the house. I will be showing our updates as we do them and I can’t wait to share them with you! My pinterest boards are brimming and I can’t wait to tackle new projects as we make this house into a home!


Our house is overflowing with boxes and chaos as the moment as we get ready for this move. The kids are having fun making forts from the masses of boxes and have yet to discover that a lot of boxes of toys have been “packed” for Vinnies (the local resale shop). IMG_7669

I’ve done the majority of the packing during nap times and in the evenings and I’ve discovered NPR’s Serial series on podcast… I’m OBSESSED. Oh man, did Adnan do it? Did jay? You need to listen to it now. So good.

Even in the midst of all this clutter right now, it’s been so good to be able to sort through our things and start to take stock of all the things we need and don’t need. We still have saved a lot of things that we don’t need, but many boxes of unused things will be given away this week. It’s so good to clear out the excess and seems to be a theme of my life at the moment. Find the valuable, lost what you don’t need… lighten the load.

Ok, off to pack more, and obviously listen to the next episode of “Serial”. Genuinely glad I discovered this after the final episode had aired and I don’t have to wait for the next week for the next part of the puzzle. Aint nobody got time for that.