So, I promise at some point I will post more pictures of our house, but I’m posting on more of a project by project basis. When we moved in, I really loved the look of geometric wallpaper or wallpaper with a Moroccan print. Like this:


0r this:



But I quickly realized that wallpaper (or at least the wallpaper I liked) was way over my budget for our entire entryway. So I started to look into stencils. I stumbled across this blog and with her printable template I decided to give it a go since free fit very nicely into my budget. 🙂

Here is the printout.


I measured out the size that I wanted the template to be. For me it was 11 inches. I printed out the pattern on two pieces of paper and cut them out. Then I traced it onto cardboard and cut that out. The cardboard was used on the flat spaces of wall and the paper was then used around any corners or odd shape.

It took me a WHILE to get the knack of it. At first, I tried to leave space between the stencils to paint the lines, but after part of a wall I realized that it was just throwing everything off. Instead, I needed to trace the stencil using the edge of the stencil to become the edge of the next stencil… make sense? Then I would paint directly on the line instead of trying to paint right outside of it. Even doing that though, there is quite a lot of room for error, so I was constantly using a level to make sure that my lines and edges lined up with each other.

Thankfully, there wasn’t any randomness in the design, so at least I knew that the edges of one stencil were the beginning lines to the next stencil. DSC_9540 DSC_9541


I included the above picture because that corner was the one time that my pattern became very, very wonky. Unless you are close to it, you don’t really notice, but let me just encourage everyone that might attempt this to measure and remeasure.

This took me several days of nap time and kids bedtime activity to complete, but this kind of monotonous work is greatly helped by a good podcast or book on tape. DSC_9542 DSC_9544

I highly recommend a hippity hop for a painting chair on the lower parts of your wall. 🙂DSC_9546

There was still a lot of room for error, so as much a possible I used the stencil and then corrected any differences between the stencils free hand.

DSC_9547 DSC_9552 DSC_9553 DSC_9554

I used a eggshell paint on the wall and a semi gloss paint for the stencil. I wanted it to be slightly reflective when the sunlight hit it to get more of that wallpaper look.



I have two small walls left to complete at the top of the landing, but the project is mostly wrapped up and I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

I’m really interested to hear if anyone has actually purchased a stencil, how they found that process to be, so be sure to tell me about your experiences in the comments below.