So, this project wasn’t nearly as time intensive as the last two projects I have posted, but it was a lot of fun!

I wanted an entry table to catch keys, mail and most importantly, hold a lamp since we don’t have enough light in that dark corner

Here is the end product.


This is the original table I was drooling over: img41o

But at $849.00 plus shipping… it wasn’t meant to be. West Elm breaks my heart like that a lot. So, I started looking everywhere for interesting pieces of wood and reclaimed lumber. Our friend, Jeremy had helped a friend take down an old barn, but then had changed his plans for repurposing the wood for himself. He told us we could pick through the wood if we wanted. Score!



We picked through and after a small mishap (I managed to impale my hand with a rusty nail… brilliant) we were left with this lumber gem. I scrubbed it up in the bathroom and we went back and forth on what we would use or build for legs. I managed to find a website that sold the same peg legs from my west elm table for between $23 to $32 per leg on hairpinlegs.comDSC_9607

Trevor pre-drilled the holes and then secured the screws. DSC_9609 DSC_9614

And there you have it! DSC_9615

Then, I just decorated it, and voila! Done! DSC_9620 DSC_9621

I love the distressed detail and think I even prefer the worn edges over it’s perfect west elm counterpart. 🙂 And yes… I accidentally was zoomed in on the train toy bucket and was too lazy to take (and upload) another detail shot. Sorry.