A few weeks ago… ok, ok, a MONTH ago, we celebrated Judah’s 5th Birthday! I think we have decided that every other birthday we will do a bigger style party for our kids and this year Judah decided he wanted a detective mystery party.

This was his first birthday party where we invited kids just around his age. In my head I pictured a fun, somewhat small gathering. Except that I seem to have a problem cutting myself off when it comes to inviting people. Oh well… it is a party after all, right?

I got a ton my of my ideas from this blog. And she got a lot of ideas from this blog. What would we do without pinterest people??


The invitations went in a manilla envelope with a small magnifying glass (pack of 12 on amazon for $5.25). The main invitation was on the note and wrapped around the magnifying glass was a note in small print that was the start of the mystery.

It said: Judah’s Uncle Shane used to live in Marquette. Shane would often visit His great Uncle at Flynn Manor. His Uncle loved a good mystery and told him of a fantastic treasure hidden at Flynn Manor. He gave Uncle Shane the first clue to find the treasure, but Shane was never able to solve the mystery and find the treasure before he moved away. Shane has decided to give Judah the first clue on his 5th Birthday and we need your help to solve the Mystery of the Missing Treasure! 

First we had Judah’s Uncle Shane record a message about how he wanted to see if they were sharp enough detectives to be entrusted with the clue! He had put together some clues to follow. At each place, they would receive another piece of their detective kit (which also doubled as their party bag) that would aid them on their search. It’s amazing what Uncles can do from halfway across the country. 😉


This led them to the dress up bin. Where, appropriately, they received a disguise kit, with a false mustache, fake glasses and a bow tie (party favor package from walmart). Also, the next clue.


This led them to the train bucket, then the play kitchen, under the sink in our half bath… You get the drift.

Along the way they collected:

14009798_10102205351460180_1622189301_n 14017897_10102205351405290_899951465_n 14030803_10102205351330440_1881541047_n

I’ve rarely seen a group of 5 year olds more excited. It was so much fun!

Finally, everyone had proven their super detective prowess and were ready to receive the clue to the missing treasure from Uncle Shane.

Now they were ready to put their detective skills and kits to the test!

Uncle Shanes message led them to the back of our living room clock. But half the clue seemed to be missing… or was it *dramatic pause* invisible? Duh dun dunnnn! I used this grape juice and baking soda method since it seemed to be the only one that didn’t involve fire. Or waiting around an oven for 10 minutes.

They had to make their way through laser beams (red yarn) up the stairs.


diffuse bombs (black balloons) which also held a clue that led them outside. They were nearly finished at this point!

They finally found the treasure buried under a tree under our deck. It was play doh, candy and little dollar store knick knacks. Considering it had been under there since Uncle Shane was a little boy, it was in surprisingly good condition…

Obviously, the best part of the party was yet to come though. The cake!


Judah had an amazing time, and we love any day that celebrates our sweet boy!